I make drawings on paper. And my urge is to make drawings in space too. I prefer to work with spaces and things around me. I am interested in subverting mundane spaces and adding a new perception to them.I always talk about simple philosophy and psychology. Parallel to physical spaces I also think of mental spaces. This contains psychological states and situations.

Situations depend upon specific time and specific space.I react to these through interventions in space. With time, situations go through a series of changes.So for me these ‘situations’ are most important. They evoke thoughts of particular objects or spaces. I also work with found objects or things surrounding me. My current experiments with spaces transfers my inner situation into the existing situation, by adding, twisting, and modifying existing spaces. My intention is to look at spaces as mental states. Hence I prefer to make use of existing materials or situations rather than bringing in new material into the place. This I do by pushing things from everyday situations and surroundings to an extreme, where they will not remain the same as before and will play the role of psychological states.These works are to communicate with the viewer, through subtle changes. Everyday spaces do not speak loudly.

I want to question perception, identity and psychic situations like attitude, memory, fear, change. Working in both scale and in a dairy form as well as in actual space, my effort is to decode and transform each type of space. Which will be basic to play around with topology.

Assessing the characteristics of the place or certain object or a thing, I want to deal with perception. Alteration, transformation and distortion will create these psychological states in actual physical space.

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