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Artist Statement

I am curious about spatial encounters; a combination of objective reality and subjective perception play an active role in my practice. My work is deeply rooted in mathematics and geometry, including the philosophical dimensions to these subjects, spilling over into physics, metaphysics and psychology.

Trained as a painter, I prefer to work mainly with the medium of drawing, but my practice does extend into site-specific sculptural works as well. My drawings are a notation of daily thoughts or an extension to the thoughts. Almost always limited to the size of an A4 sized sheet of paper, they run parallel to my spatial works and deal with fundamental elements of visual art like line, shape, form, and concepts of geometry.

For my site specific works, I look at the intended purpose of a space, and through my artistic interventions in this space, I try to open up situations in which the same space can be re-imagined. I look at ordinary surroundings and their mundane nature, and respond to them by adding, removing, and twisting by playing with perceptions through texture, scale and form.

My practice lies in the journey from the precise to the abstract, from the known to the unknown, at the edge of doubt / uncertainty/ surprise / absurdity.

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