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The work titled 'neti-neti,' is a part of the Indian Ceramic Triennale 2024 in Delhi. This artwork embodies the concept of negating identity with the phrase "not this, not that" or "neither this nor that." It takes the form of two cones that partially merge into each other, sharing common elements that shift between them, creating a dynamic and ever-changing experience for viewers. This interaction between the cones symbolizes the duality of completeness and incompleteness, ultimately converging to represent the philosophical idea of Advaita, where the material world transcends into the realm of eternity. This work delves into the profound concept of 'neti-neti,' leading viewers to a realization of unity within the infinite expanse of space. This is the very first time I have used a motion / electronic system in my work with the technical help of Vishhal Kadam, my partner. It is participatory work where the viewer engages with the work and interacts with it. The people are both the doer and experiencer, like the idea of Advaita.

Passing By

Between place and space


We have space and place always as basic elements around us.

We tend to advise someone by entering his/her space. 

And a place remains firm for certain things as they emerge there. 

We built spaces, we live in a space, and would like to see ourselves in one place. 

The place is certain and space is infinite.

What holds in-between space-&-place, a place is where things get hold, and space is too abstract/ a formless body. 

By walking between two pillars, what does it hold? A fearless movement of passing. 

As the space allows movement and place hold it. Both go hand in hand but both are contrasting. 

Is there anything in-between them?

The form of ‘becoming’ holds movement but it is stable.


‘passing by’ holds two series of works which talks about a kind of movement and wanted to give a ‘form’ to the movement.  Big work in corten steel is called ‘pillar’ and the pillar is about taking a load to have fearless movement. This sculpture and its form talk about the space which holds between the two pillars. the form you see is inverted and out-verted at both ends. 

Two other corten steel works are about steps/ stairs and there is a kind of movement happening while one is moving from level 1 to level 2, growth is a movement and it varies from person to person.  

It is overall about what happens in the process of ‘becoming’. Thus the conical series came into practice. Both the brickwork and golden works has conical body and it questions the structure of the ‘growth’.

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