astronomical instruments models &  drawing 

project for Avasara Academy with Case design. 

story of cubes at WHEN IS SPACE at Jawaharlal Kala Kenra, Jaipur


I belong to you, me and others

You belong to me, you and others

Others may belong to me or

Others may belongs to you

Untitled with cube and it's shadow 

परिवर्तन | Installation, BAT 2018

In today’s time, the city Bhubaneswar has two names - 1. Temple City and 2. Smart City. The second implies that we are developing our living conditions.

When we talk about the development of society, or for bettering the living conditions we alter our lives with new technologies. Nevertheless, the new society comes with new issues.  

It’s human nature to find some problem in their current situation, and also to come up with solutions. But afterward, the solution becomes a problem for us and there is always a new solution.

Does it mean nothing is perfect? Everything is grey, neither black nor white. Everything is in a state of flux. Change is the only constant thing. But the question is, are we on the right track?

While we are undergoing this transformation do we develop a fractured sense of identity or face displacement?

By placing this work in the middle of two historical temples, could we be able to look back to our origin by being in this time? The work will orient the viewer to perceive the shift in times and attempts to initiate a thought for the present and the future.